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Stavros Mastrogiannis, founder of Olympus Personal Training & Weight Management Center in Danbury, Connecticut and Author of The 8 Eating Rules, is a nineteen-year veteran of the weight loss field with a unique, life-changing perspective. Residing in Greece for twelve years before moving to the United States in 1987, Stavros was immersed in a culture that embraced a healthy lifestyle. After moving to the U.S., Stavros continued to visit Greece every other year. Over time, he observed changes in eating habits, exercise and daily living, resulting in a weight problem similar to that in the U.S. At age 21, Stavros made the decision to shift gears from a pursuit of preparing fine cuisine to the weight loss and fitness profession, where he could make a difference in peoples’ lives. He is committed to putting an end to the weight loss misinformation that abounds and to helping people lose weight the healthy way.
Stavros strongly believes that, given the right tools, weight loss and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle are goals that anyone can achieve. How does Stavros deliver this message of hope? Not from an appearance-driven, Hollywood trainer’s perspective, and not from a die-hard, muscle-bulging, demanding personal trainer’s perspective. Stavros, like the average American, is not a “fitness nut”. He understands that most people do not love exercising and are not ready to clear their cupboards of every last morsel of junk food.  The good news is that you don’t have to exercise that much and you don’t have to eat the perfect diet to lose weight and be healthy. His approach to fitness stresses the importance of developing a realistic regimen of exercise and nutrition that can be maintained for a lifetime of good health. His exceptional understanding of motivation and consistency as the root of success in long-term fitness has enabled him to teach hundreds of people how to effectively lose weight and keep it off, even when other trainers and diet plans have failed. Stavros provides his clients with cutting-edge nutrition and weight loss information from the top medical institutes. He is a source of inspiration for thousands, having organized the Danbury Weight Loss Challenge in 2004 and partnering with St. Jude Children’s Hospital for the Get In Shape for 2007 Challenge.
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