Eliminating Junk Food from your house is a BIG MISTAKE!

One of the worse things you can do for your weight is to eliminate junk food from your house. Read my blog and you will know why.

Yes you read right.   Eliminating junk food from your house is actually a mistake.  I know that most diets and nutritionist recommend that you should eliminate all the food you are not supposed to eat from your house, this way you don’t have any temptations.  Although on the surface that sound like good advice I strongly believe that is a very bad advice and here is the reason.

Let’s say you eliminated all junk food from your house, this way there are no temptations to cheat on your diet.  You go to work and a co-worker brings some chocolate to the office and she puts it right on your desk.  What then?  Let’s say you ask her not to put it on your desk so she puts it on her desk but her desk is right across your desk?  Would you be able to resist all day long staring at the chocolate?  Probably not, because you have not trained yourself to resist temptations only to avoid them.

Real life is full of temptations and to try to eliminate them all is impossible.  You must learn to control yourself not your environment, because your environment is not always under your control.  One of the reasons why most diet fail is because many of them teach you to control your environment or at least try to, but not yourself.

At Olympus Personal Training & Weight Management I don’t tell my clients to eliminate junk food from their homes, I teach them how to take control of their selves so this way it does not matter if junk food is around or not.  By the way, it is ok to have some junk food in your diet.  Junk food in moderations will not have any negative effects on your weight or health if you learn to eat for the right reasons most of the time.

So, if you want to lose weight, don’t try to control your environment, learn to control yourself.  If you need help please call me.

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Susan Casale January 17, 2013 at 05:58 PM
anything in moderation is good for you, including a Brownie from time to time......I agree it's about your internal control that makes it ONE Brownie not the whole box cause you had a bad day !


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