Pelham Rugby Bests Greenwich

Pelham Rugby Club scored its first victory in season opener against Greenwich


Submitted by Rich Zahradnick:

Pelham Rugby Club traveled to Greenwich for a series of scrimmages on Sunday. The U13 team kicked off with many players playing their first game of tackle rugby ever. They had a fantastic time and competed well. As might be expected, some of the players were a little confused, but fortunately some of the U15 players along with the coaches were there to encourage and cheer them on.

Playing in the game were Andrew Clausen, Christopher Davis, Conner Evans, Connor Fleming, Jack Fronce, Sofia Imperato, Quinn Jenkins, Conor McNulty, Reed O’Brien, Luca Phillips, Adam Razick, Tamio Shibasaki, Andrew Shulzhenko, Jean Vigroux, Cameron Ward and Patrick Zahradnik. The team was also supported by fifth grade veteran Justin O’Biern. Conner Evans was named player of the game.

The new additions performed very well, making tackles and passes and setting off on some good runs. This team will be greatly improved for the league season in the spring and will be exciting to watch in the future as they grow older and more confident.

The U 15 team decided to enter into a three-way scrimmage with Manhattan Youth Rugby and Greenwich U15. This was an exciting and fun game to watch. All three sides put on displays of great skill and fantastic tackling.

The Pelham team was led by Matt Biskup, Morgan Collins, Captain Kees Huisman, Whit Johnson, Alexander Oman, Luke Persanis, Nicholas Roll, Quinn Scanlon and helping out while resting from a football injury, North Westall. Kees Huisman was named player of the game.

After the game, the coaches from all three teams–Greenwich, Manhattan and Pelham–all commented about how aggressive and skilled the Pelham players were. Pelham looks to be a pre-season favorite to win the spring league again, coming off two consecutive undefeated seasons.

These will be exciting times ahead for Pelham as rugby is now an official Olympic sport. 

Pelham's next game is at home on Ingall’s Field on Oct. 14 at 3:30 for the U13 followed by the U15.

As always, Pelham Youth Rugby is open to any child grades 2-9 for flag and 6-9 for tackle. No experience is needed or required.

It is not too late to join. If your child is interested, please visit the Pelham Recreation website or contact Matthew Persanis at mp@elefantepersanis.com.

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Chris Mead November 21, 2012 at 01:47 AM
Dear Ms. Heins, Firstly apologies for the crass language posted by some of the OGRCC players - clearly they are passionate about the game which they love so much. I coach the U13's age group for OGRCC and know and respect the coaches from Pelham who I know are likewise dedicated to the sport of Rugby. I would like to state that the text above is predominantly accurate in that it does not specifically state that Pelham won the two games that were played on the day- it is the title of the peice that is inaccurate. Pelham have a great team and played extremely well but as stated Old Greenwich won both the U13's and U15's games. As for proof, given the Fall Season is not an official rugby season games and scores are not recorded in the same level of formality as they are during the Spring Season. That said, if you visit Pelham's club site you will see a clear statement posted on the 22nd Oct (3 weeks after the games) which states "U13 team gets first win of autumn season versus Long Island". The final result of the games is not important during the "off season", what is important is that the boys learn the game and have fun and I believe that everyone from both teams did exactly that! Hope that helps clarify the situation. Regards Chris Mead - U13's Coach OGRCC Rugby Club.
Daniel Gowland November 21, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Ms. Heins I'm Daniel Gowland, OGRCC Rugby President. May I suggest that you corroborate the facts with Matt Persanis (email listed at the bottom of the article). I exchanged emails with him, and he stated that he doesn't know who the contributor to the article is as well as recognized that Pelham lost both games. Of course, he is eager to clarify the situation and make sure the facts are right. Best regards, and thanks or your attention to this matter. Daniel
Daniel Gowland November 24, 2012 at 05:51 PM
Ijust sent the below email to Mr. Persanis and Ms. Heins, I hope they do something to correct a wrong and misleding rugby article. "Matt, Barbara: Not sure if you got in contact already. But since one of our coaches just asked me today, I need to follow up with this matter. By the way Matt, the article is coming from your website, and have some missleding statements: 1) the aggressive, skilled and undefeated team (for two years in a row) is OGRCC, not Pelham. 2) I have serious doubts that a player from Pelham, a team that lost both games by more than 80 points and went home scoreless, could have be awarded player of the game. There are a few corretions you need to make on your own website. As of now the article is incorrect and missleding. I would appreciate if you could change this as quick as possible. Thanks,"


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