Western Gets its Fuel Cell (VIDEO)

Parts of a fuel cell to power the university's science building on Osborne were delivered this week.

Western Connecticut State University received parts of its new 400 kilowatt fuel cell last week in an effort to cut electricity costs and add a fuel cell component to the university's science curriculum.

The state Department of Economic and Community Development has worked for more than five years to encourage the building of fuel cells in Connecticut.

Danbury has its own fuel cell manufacturing company, FuelCell Energy, Great Pasture Road, which has operated in Danbury since the 1970s, and it runs a fuel cell manufacturing plant in Torrington. FuelCell Energy's fuel cells generate more than two megawatts of power, making them too large for the 400 killowatts of power required for the science building.

The state Department of Labor encourages community colleges and technical colleges to train workers for the fuel cell industry. Western is considering adding fuel cell science to its curriculum.

The university expects to save $30,000 per year with this fuel cell.


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