Tuition Increase? Students Say 'No Thanks'

Western Connecticut State University students are unhappy with the 80 percent tuition price hike over the last 10 years, and they're equally unhappy with the proposed 5.1 percent increase for 2014.

When the Board of Regents for Higher Education proposed an increase of nearly $800 per year for students living on campus, students at Western Connecticut State University said, "No."

"It will definitely hurt students who don't get scholarships," said Brittany Lester, 20, a junior studying creative writing and, Chris Smith, 22, said, "Pretty soon, even state schools won't be affordable.

The "No," from students sounded louder when they realized out of state students might see no increase in tuition at all.

"I think the students who live here should get a decrease. It’s not fair,” said Freshman Brittney Rozum, 18, who is majoring in psychology.

"I’m going to have to take out higher loans," said Joe Fiore, 19, a sophomore and graphic designer at Western. "It’s going to break me."

According to the Board of Regents for Higher Education's Finance Committee meeting agenda, tuition and mandatory fees for in-state undergraduate students will increase by an average of $434 per semester, or 5.1% per year. Total average tuition and fees for in-state undergraduate residential students increase by $778 per semester or 4.1% per year under these recommendations.

According to the same committee agenda, Western is projecting a 4.2 percent decrease in undergraduate in‐state enrollment, a 15 percent drop in out‐of‐state enrollment, and a 14 percent decrease in graduate enrollment in 2014.

"Depending what the new fees will go towards and whether they will benefit the student body determines how I feel about them," said Tori Lebinski, a senior and a psychology major at Western. "If I live in Connecticut and go to school here, why should my tuition be increased for people coming from New York or who don’t live here?"

Western Connecticut State University Students Abigail Lebron, CJ Sousa, Jordan Sprogis, Nicholas Rolen and Chris Ventre reported this story.

Semmas February 20, 2013 at 02:49 PM
The News Times this morning said in-state tuition will go up and out-of-state tuition is going down. Unbelievable! Connecticut really looks out for its own, don't they? Time to move!
Donald Borsch Jr. February 20, 2013 at 03:27 PM
g, But, but, but...I thought the Democrats wanted us to go to college to be the next wave of great enlightened and evolved voters? Why are they punishing us?! It's so unfair, so unfair! Where's MY hope and change? Where's MY bailout?
JWolf February 20, 2013 at 05:31 PM
Dont you understand they have to pay the faculty their 100k+ and the Admin 200k+. They have salaries to meet damnit. (Please note the scarcasim folks)
FriendlyCritic February 20, 2013 at 09:09 PM
Who wrote this article? A byline would be nice.


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