Fifty-Seven Homes Proposed off Miry Brook Road

A 63-acre parcel is being proposed for development between the Wooster School and Cartus. The land was the old Farwell Orchards off Apple Ridge Road. Cartus is located on Apple Ridge Road.

It isn't Danbury's biggest housing development, and it won't be the city's last, but it is the newest and one of the few making its way through city boards or commissions today. (Here is the other housing development in front of EIC.)

Wooster School is proposing to turn 63 acres of woods northeast of the school into a 57-unit cluster development bounded by Ye Old Road on the east and private properties on the south, west and north, according to the application. The application is now in front of the city's Environmental Impact Commission.

"It's been on hold because of the recession," said Danbury Land Use Attorney Neil Marcus of Cohen & Wolf Lawyers in Danbury. The applicant is the Wooster School Corporation.

Marcus explained that the EIC's job is to protect the brook that runs between Miry Brook Road and the Wooster School property. EIC is the city's Inland Wetlands Commission. The school's exit will be widened to accommodate cars from the 57 homes. The exit includes a bridge that crosses the brook.

Maps of the development show almost no wetlands, except for the exit over the brook. That exit comes out at the "Y" intersection of Miry Brook Road and Backus Avenue.

"Whatever we do, it has to have a minimal impact on the brook," Marcus said. "We have to figure out how to use that intersection without impacting the brook."

The EIC received the plans a week ago, and it has not scheduled a public hearing or public review. The project will require the Planning Commission to approve a site plan and the Planning Department to issue a special exception to allow a cluster subdivision, the application said.

The project's emergency exit will be onto Noteworthy Drive, but Marcus said that will be a gated exit only, and it won't be used.

"We've started to apply, but this is in the very early stages of the process," Marcus said.

law February 27, 2013 at 08:39 PM
A lot of the residents on the west side of Danbury complain about the noise from the airplanes as they take off and land. Won't we just be adding to the complaints concerning the airport? Shouldn't we think about this before building these homes instead of after people have bought them?
Friend of Wooster February 28, 2013 at 02:36 AM
It appears that Wooster School has a need to convert some of their landholdings to a liquid asset. I have connections with that school that reach back to 1933 or so. Schools are needed in Danbury as I understand from some of the comments posted and I do understand that Wooster is not a "public" school. Therefore schools should not be denied survival regardless of their status. Let them develop as long as the Wooster Corp. and Atty. Marcus stay mindful of environmental and other "safety" issues raised by concerned citizens are met with satisfaction all around. I believe this housing development is not a pure "profit only" venture that is the normal goal of residential/commercial development.
Marie O'Neill March 05, 2013 at 05:39 PM
Friend of Wooster--could not disagree more. I LIVE there--Greta Drive. For the last three years, TWICE there were town hearings held to see if the present residents of this area would FUND building city water & sewage for the purpose of helping this build--at an average cost of 30K+ to each home. There are homes and condos all over exits 1, 2, and 3 empty, because of the economy. This is all about Wooster supplementing their income. Do we ever hear about the other side of the mountain, Aunt Hack, having a housing development being put in? No, because they want to keep their quiet neighborhood. So do I.
Marie O'Neill March 05, 2013 at 05:40 PM
Totally agree
Anthony Giovannone March 06, 2013 at 04:21 AM
Marie O'Neill, Ohh how I remember those town hearings for sewer installation in the area. The residents were able to thwart that, which for sure would have assisted Wooster in marketing its property better to prospective developers. Now can the residents in the area through the Planning Commission and the EIC keep this cluster development from getting approval? Can Wooster try over and over to get different site plans approved since they already got approval for the lot split? Unfortunately it may be inevitable that a residential development goes in there................limiting its size and environmental impact is paramount though. And for anyone that says the area is not a sponge they are wrong. Check that brook that passes right in front of the school after some rain. For days later that water level is near overflow.....why?.....because of higher lands run-off all the way from the top Briar Ridge Road down through Rolf's and Greta then making its way behind Cel Bret and getting deposited in the brook flooding the south-most soccer field and often the road. The northern area's are a sponge; one that takes days to wring out and make its way down, flooding as it goes. FACT!


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