Danbury School Vacation in April OK, Despite Sandy, Snow

The Danbury Board of Education built in an extra snow day in February around President's Day, a Tuesday, when students will now have school. That extra February day gave us today's snow day without endangering the April vacation.

The Danbury schools calendar hasn't endangered the April vacation or pushed farther into June yet.

Schools Superintendent Sal Pascarella said the Board of Education took away a vacation day in February after President's Day, and that day is the one students took off Wednesday. As of Wednesday, school year is scheduled to end on June 18. As new snow days are taken, the board will add days after June 18 until it reaches June 28. If those eight days are used and another day is taken, the April vacation will be cut.

"It looks like from here on, we'll be adding days in June," Pascarella said. Danbury took five days off in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in October, Pascarella said.

Danbury High School's graduation is set for the week that ends June 21, and Pascarella said the way the calendar is structured, even adding days won't disrupt graduation. He said the only problem that would push that to a different day would be thunder storms hitting Danbury.

"Except for the weather, our graduation date in June is guaranteed," Pascarella said.


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