Danbury High School Prank Turns Sour

The prank was to place hundreds of cups of water in a corridor before school opened, and then good times went bad.

The Danbury High School Senior Prank started out easily enough with two seniors placing approximately 15,000 styrofoam cups of water in the D building's 4th corridor.

All that did was slow down the morning.

The following information came from four students in different grades at Danbury High School, who felt, for obvious reasons, they'd rather avoid being identified by name.

The day went bad in the fifth period lunch, when students started throwing inflated beach balls around the cafeteria. That lunch period ended with a bit of food being tossed. When students who finished lunch walked into the courtyard, they started throwing water bottles, milk cartons and juice boxes around. Students said the food involved was egg and cheese, ham sandwiches and jello.

The sixth period lunch was a food fight. The seventh was worse. By the end of seventh period, the students were sent to their eighth period early and not allowed to leave. In high school student speak, lock down.

School Superintendent Sal Pascarello, reached at the High School this afternoon, said 20 students were suspended, and staff were at the school cleaning up. Danbury Police issued the students infractions for creating a public disturbance, which carries a $103 fine, said Danbury Police Shift Commander Matt McNally.

In a phone message to Danbury High School parents Friday at about 6:05 p.m., parents were told the High School had a food fight and prank, and reports of any injuries were false. The school will have heightened security next week.

"We're taking this very seriously," Pascarello said.

R June 17, 2011 at 09:25 PM
The cup prank was really creative. Even the principle said he didn't mind it very much. The food fights and the throwing of the water bottles got ridiculous, though. Kids even started to throw water bottles out of the upper floor windows. The article did fail to mention the tasing of a student at 7th period lunch; this coming from a first-hand source, not a rumor. The article on the News Times website said that students were throwing glass and rocks. This may be true, but none of my friends heard or saw any of that. The lockdown was a little too over the top. I was late to my 8th period class because of the traffic of students in the hallway, so I cut through another room that connects to my 8th period class, but they wouldn't let me through, so I ended up missing my class. Nobody was allowed in the halls or the bathrooms, which sucked because I really had to pee... And for some reason, a really long announcement on the P.A. system was made, but in spanish, so I couldn't understand it.
Flora June 17, 2011 at 11:32 PM
I know first-hand that the cup prank was completely unrelated to the food fights. There were other pranks too, like the usage of plastic cups on the softball field to spell out "POT" and an attempt to make the peace sign in the O. Unfortunately, the students messed up and did the Mercedes-Benz sign instead (haha). There were also large bouncy beach balls in the A building. However, these pranks were nothing compared to the food fights that caused major havoc. Not only were people throwing food and water in the cafeteria and courtyard area, the students in C building which overlooks the courtyard, were throwing out water bottles and other such materials from the windows. A teacher was hit. Fights broke out and eggs and water balloons were being thrown from bridges also overlooking the courtyard area. In eighth period, we did go into "lock down," and after school, everyone was sent home immediately. There was an announcement made stating 26 suspensions, 2 of which were seniors who would not get to walk at graduation. Since finals are next week, the 24 underclassmen suspensions are required to take their finals in September. There were 2 or 3 arrests, or so I heard.
chikygirl June 17, 2011 at 11:40 PM
i'm a freshman student at Danbury High School and when i just came in to school i went to the D4 hallway but i found the whole hallway full of styrofoam cups filled with water there were some that people claim were filled with pee but then i also hear it was just food dye. Then everybody was kicked out and weren't was allowed to enter the hallway anymore till it was cleaned. There were also balls everywhere from what i heard came from D3 hallway. then when i was in 1st period class my class noticed that their was a sign outside in the field written with styrofoam cups in the fence. when 4th period lunch came somebody wanted to start a food fight but was caught and kicked out. a teacher at that lunch put food down a kids shirt and had to face the consequences. 5th period lunch came and while i was outside people started playing with beach balls then it started in side. suddenly people start wetting each other with water that lead to water bottles being thrown. so far no one was hurt and i think nobody was arrested either till now. a little later a safety advocate's got hit with a water bottle thrown from the C building leading to the people going out of control. 6th period lunch comes and the same seems to happen but worse. CONTINUES AT BOTTOM
chikygirl June 17, 2011 at 11:40 PM
when 7th period lunch comes there was no longer control over the students from what i hear a kid got on to the roof and there was a person tasered. i had class during this period and we got dismissed 5 minutes early nobody knew what was happening. the last period of the day 8th there were people being chased down and teachers weren't allowed to let any student out of class for any circumstantial. people sprinting in the hallways the day was mad. i never heard of people throwing rocks and glass. but at the end everybody had a fun day at DHS and unforgettable.
Craig Zac June 20, 2011 at 11:36 AM
Hey, it could have been alot worse... at least there wasnt a full scale Riot like we used to have in Hamden... Food fights aren bad, just messy. But, there is always one or two idiots who have to start throwing things that could really hurt someone.. its a food fight, stick to throwing the food !


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