Candlewood Lake Authority Seeking Volunteer Boat Captains for Project CLEAR

Photo credit: Candlewood Lake Authority
Photo credit: Candlewood Lake Authority

Project CLEAR (Candlewood Lake Environmental Awareness and Responsibility Project) is an experiential science program for high school students from school districts in northwestern Connecticut and the greater Danbury area. The program is a collaborative effort among the school districts, EDUCATION CONNECTION, Candlewood Lake Authority, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and Western Connecticut State University (WCSU).

Project CLEAR is in its fourteenth year and is looking for volunteers to assist them in their next project. The Candlewood Lake Authority is asking for volunteer boat captains.  This is a great educational program on Candlewood Lake, involving roughly 125 area high school student researchers and their teachers.

From the Candlewood Lake Authority--

What is needed?  People with boats to transport students and their teachers.

When?  Wednesday the 25th of June is the day we still need multiple boats!  Also Tuesday the 24th and Thursday the 26th there is a need.

What time?  8:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Your gas will be reimbursed and we will provide lunch for boat captains. This is a great opportunity for retirees or those who are around during the week to be a part of a great Candlewood Lake educational program - now in it's 11th year!

Project CLEAR provides students an opportunity to experience the authentic application of science skills through an inquiry-based curriculum. High school students meet throughout the academic year at WCSU to work in the labs to investigate water quality and the fauna and flora of Candlewood Lake. In June, participants complete one of ten relevant limnology projects on or around Lake Candlewood. Projects include watersheds, forestry, aquatic invasive plants, fisheries and water quality assessment. 

Project CLEAR provides a real-life context for students to develop critical thinking, improve problem-solving skills and deepen enthusiasm for science. They get to be out on Candlewood for four days, taking boat rides to research locations and wading into the water to drag nets, scrape rocks to look for aquatic life, set traps for crayfish, and do basic forestry on Vaughns Neck. On the fifth day, students have a presentation night, where they explain their research.

Contact Larry Marsicano at the Candlewood Lake Authority at (860) 354-6928 or claexecdir@earthlink.net to volunteer or for more information.


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