NEW UPDATE: Generator Safety, State of Emergency, Danbury Says Prepare NOW

People were buying home generators at Home Depot by 6 a.m. Saturday, and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton will issue a Robo call at noon telling residents to prepare for an extended period of time without power. Gov. Dannel Malloy issued a state of emergency

UPDATED 2:02 P.M. Fire Chief Geoffrey Herald warns people to use generators safely.

This is a public safety notice from the Danbury Fire Department and the the Community Risk reduction team of the Fire Marshal.  
Downed utility lines, power company blackouts, heavy snow falls or summer storms can all lead to power outages. Many people turn to a portable generator for a temporary solution without knowing the risks.
FACT • CO deaths associated with generators have spiked in recent years as generator sales have risen.
 Generators should be used in well ventilated locations outside away from all doors, windows and vent openings.
 Never use a generator in an attached garage, even with the door open.
 Place generators so that exhaust fumes can’t enter the home through windows, doors or other openings in the building.
 Make sure to install carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in your home. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for correct placement and mounting height.
Turn off generators and let them cool down before refueling. Never refuel a generator while itis running.
Store fuel for the generator in a container that is intended for the purpose and is correctly labeled as such. Store the containers outside of living areas Safety concerns while using the generator:  When plugging in appliances, make sure they are plugged directly into the generator or a heavy duty outdoor-rated extension cord. The cords should be checked for cuts, tears and that the plug has all three prongs, especially a grounding pin. If you must connect the generator to the house wiring to power appliances, have a qualified electrician install a properly rated transfer switch in accordance with the National Electrical Code® (NEC) and all applicable state and local electrical codes. 

For further information, a safety inspection or any other questions please contact the Community Risk Reduction team of the Danbury Fire Marshal at 203-796-1541 or Chief Herald  at 203-796-1550

UPDATED: 1:06 p.m. Gov. Dannel Malloy's emergency declaration:

In advance of Hurricane Sandy’s likely impact on Connecticut, Governor Dannel P. Malloy today signed a Declaration of Emergency, otherwise known as a state of emergency. The Declaration of Emergency provides Governor Malloy with a number of emergency powers, including:

*  The ability to modify or suspend any state statute, regulation, or requirement (for example: altering work hours, waiving licensing requirements, etc.)

*  The ability to order civil preparedness forces into action

*  The ability to designate vehicle and person routes and movements

“The forecast path of Hurricane Sandy has convinced me that the signing of this declaration is necessary, and will help us react more quickly and effectively in the event of a serious weather event,” said Governor Malloy. “This storm needs to be taken seriously and just as the state is taking preparatory actions, I encourage the public and all of the state’s utility companies to do the same”

Orignal Story: "The track of the storm keeps moving north," said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, "and that's bad news for us. The eye of the storm could be 60 or 80 miles away. That puts us right in it."

Boughton issued a Robo call at noon telling people to prepare for an extended period of time without power. "People have time to prepare now."

Boughton urged people to review their emergency plan. Check on their elderly neighbors or parents. Collect loose objects in the yard and put them away so they don't get blown through the neighborhood.

Workers at Home Depot said people were lined up outside the store Saturday morning to buy power generators. The home improvement store was out of size D batteries and it was out of the six volt large batteries.

At about 7:50 a.m., the line of people buying a generator was four deep.

At about 9:30 a.m., Shop Rite had plenty of water, but not a lot of brand selection. The Shop Rite brand gallon jugs were in great supply and selling for $.79 cents. Smaller water bottles in 24 packs were harder to find. The Federal Road store was packed.


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