State to Award Grant to Fix Danbury War Memorial Roof

Bond Commission to vote Friday on $875,000 to repair the leaky roof.

Danbury State Reps. Bob Godfrey, David Arconti and Janice Giegler joined Gov. Dannel Malloy in announcing that the State Bond Commission is expected to approve $875,000 in state financing to support for building a new roof for the War Memorial in Danbury.

“The War Memorial is a place where we pay tribute to the heroes who, over the course of history, have answered the call to serve and defend our country, our state and the values we hold dear.  With that in mind, we are making this investment to preserve this site that demonstrates our appreciation to these men and women and honors their legacy,” Malloy said. “This funding will also ensure the Memorial remains a center of cultural and recreational activity and programming for individuals and families throughout the Greater Danbury community.”

"My colleagues from Danbury and I have worked with Governor Malloy and the leadership of the House of Representatives for this critical funding for several years," said Rep. Godfrey. "Both Governor Malloy and Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman have visited the War Memorial and heard from its Board of Managers and Trustees. They were heard."  
Rep. Arconti said, “We are very happy that the state has prioritized this project and that a major improvement is on the way for such an important resource for Danbury. This is a critical investment for the War Memorial building as it doubles as an emergency shelter for our town.”

“The Danbury delegation has worked diligently on this project and I’m happy the roof of the War Memorial will finally be replaced,” Rep. Giegler said. “It’s also fitting this announcement comes on the eve of the Memorial Day holiday when we honor the sacrifice of our veterans, as the War Memorial honors those who gave their lives while also being a gathering place for the community.”

“This restoration project is critical for the future of this building, which over the years has served as both a place of remembrance and a launch pad of opportunity for residents and organizations in Danbury and surrounding communities,” said Rep. David Scribner.  “This funding is recognition of the impact the Memorial has on our area as well as the collective effort from so many people who are working to make sure it remains a resource for generations to come.”

Gov. Malloy’s office confirmed that the bonding for this project is on the agenda for the State Bond Commission meeting on Friday, May 30, at 10:30 a.m. in Room 1E of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. 
The Danbury War Memorial Association, Inc. is a non-profit recreational and educational facility, located in Rogers Park in downtown Danbury. It is governed by a Board of Managers and Trustees. The War Memorial has served greater Danbury since 1951 in offering recreational and cultural activities to the surrounding communities. The logo over the front door, “TO HONOR THE DEAD, TO SERVE THE LIVING,” states the purpose of the War Memorial which offers a diversified program of indoor activities, a complete fitness center, and a base for community events.
"A leaky roof is not something we want on the building that also serves as Danbury's principal emergency shelter, and the voting place for the 5th ward," said Godfrey. "I'm thrilled that Governor Malloy will realize the dream of many friends and colleagues."


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