(Shudder, Danbury) Fiscal Woes Resurrect Talk of Tolls in CT

Transportation officials met this week to discuss the dismal state of funding for transportation issues and how that can be rectified.

While the federal government teeters on the edge of a so-called fiscal cliff, the State of Connecticut stands amidst its own growing financial woes.

That, along with that fact that state highway trust funds are fast running dry, has transportation officials scrambling to find ways to avoid what could be a disaster, the Connecticut Mirror reports.

There are several major transportation projects on the table that lack the necessary funding, and with the financial conditions the way they are on both the state and federal levels, there are no easy answers where that money will come.

One answer officials are considering is bringing back tolls.

This idea is a dead letter in Danbury, where anyone with eyes and a car or truck can find an alternate route around a border toll. That would put cars on city streets that would otherwise take the highway. More traffic congestion in the city.

A devastating 1983 crash in Stratford on I-95 that killed seven people was the death knell for tolls in Connecticut, but the blistering recession, combined with a reliance on gas taxes that has caused gas prices to skyrocket, has put tolls once again on the table as an option.

Earlier this year, legislators brought up the possibility of bringing back the tolls. While it passed the state Senate, the House was not as supportive and the bill quickly died.

The most recent suggestion coming out of this week's forum has quickly drawn a reaction from residents around Connecticut. One Trumbull Patch reader was quick to come out against it.

What do you think? Is it time to bring back the tolls?

bordwithbs December 13, 2012 at 12:41 PM
The idiocy of tolls reflects the inability of our elected officials and public employees to understand the concept of living within our means. The same day the feds release $121 million to fund a rail project between Springfield(???) and New Haven(??????), CCM talks of $763 million in education shortfalls, we're going to create MORE problems by clogging up the interstate with TOLL BOOTHS???? Is anyone out there listeneing? Does anyone care? Do we need this stress in our lives?
bart December 13, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Ct, is in a mess the reasons are to numerous. Corruption is rampant at all levels.Governors who commit feloneys sit home and collect a full pension Attorney Generals that OUTRIGHT lie about military service commitments.The highest electric rates in the land. 2nd highest gas price. WHY? Politics lousy greedey not even good liers. Middle class CT better wake up or you all will be cutting grass for the rich WITH A JOB although 8.00 hr.
PJ December 13, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Tell me, why do we need tolls? Our (idiot) governor told us that we're doing fine...that what obama is doing is working and our economy is doing better...that things are just fine in CT...So, why worry? Oh, do you think that it's time that the zombie-like "I always vote for tax and spend democrats" voters in this state finally woke up? You have put a man in the governors office that is so far in over his head that he can't even see! The BIGGEST tax increase ever and we still can't balance a budget! Our kids are all going to have to "go west" for employment...they sure as hell can't afford to live here!
Eamus Mets December 13, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Tolls on the highways are OK provided they are only erected in the hometowns of the legislators who vote for the legislation enabling them.
Semmas December 13, 2012 at 03:38 PM
Why is it that politicians squander away our tax dollars and then seem surprised when they come up short? I've lived in a lot of states and I've never seen how little the Highway (or State) does with updating the roads in CT. Exit 5 on Interstate 84 (East and West) is so dangerous at rush hour, the traffic literally backs up onto the highway because the exit lanes aren't long enough to accommodate the exiting traffic!! This is downright dangerous and CT does nothing to fix the problem. What's it going to take to get this fixed - a couple of people getting killed!
JWolf December 13, 2012 at 05:30 PM
I find this almost comical......almost. The Senators and the govenor each make over 100 k a year...you have city and state workers , thanks to the Unions, making between 25 and 30 dollars an hour to do a job that barely requires a GED. Money spent on BS like the super train and let us not forget the Super Bus. They give enormous tax breaks to big companies if they even collect ANY taxes from them. Yet their " Solution " is higher taxes and toll booths??? How about doing your damn job for 50k a year tops and stop giving hand outs and while your at it No freaking shovel pusher needs to be making 25 bucks an hour that is a min wage job...oh yea thats right the damned union jackwaggons will have a cow. lets face it people Poloticians are the 0.5 percent of the 1 percenters and they truthfully dont give a crap about the poor or middle class. If you dont see that your blind. Peace out
Joan December 13, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Traffic barely moves through all of Connecticut now. If toll booths are put in, people will have to tack on how much, an extra hour per day to their commute time? Then the added cost on top of that is really going to make driving to and from work even more miserable. I've read that in all states, the sale of lottery tickets is WAY up since the economy tanked. Can the state be transparent about how much extra revenue this is, and can there be a debate on how that money should be used?
david reynolds December 13, 2012 at 11:45 PM
Truly a poor consideration! I wonder what the capital cost will be to make the necessary changes to I-95, plus capital cost to invest in the automated equipment (hopefully), then the infrastructure of human beings to support toll roads. Ba-hum-bug!


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