King: LI Vote Will Be Split Decision

The Nassau County Republican said the Long Island vote will mirror national trends.

Rep. Peter King, R-Seaford, said that while Mitt Romney may not win New York, he should net at least half the voters in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Speaking at Hofstra University ahead of the 2012 presidential debate, King said the threat of higher taxes will push more local voters away from President Barack Obama and into the Romney camp.

"The president wants to raise taxes on the very rich, which the president defines as $250,000," King said. "The only problem is $250,000 on Long Island is not very rich. It's not a lot of money. Raising taxes would be devastating to the local economy."

Romney added that the trifecta of more taxes, a sluggish housing market and the the threat of terrorism will lead to a strong Romney performance on Long Island.

If Romney were to pull off the strong local performance, he would have to do far better than his Republican predecessor, Sen. John McCain. President Obama won Nassau County by pulling in nearly 54 percent of the vote. He also earned the endorsement of 52.5 percent of Suffolk County voters.

But King said Romney will close that gap.

Separately, King called the Tuesday's presidential debate a huge win for Hofstra and Long Island.

"Take a look at the students on campus, the national and international press and everything else," King said. "It's great."

WARREN October 16, 2012 at 07:41 PM
peter king = career congressman,always on the taxpayers tit
Elizabeth October 16, 2012 at 08:50 PM
So vote for Obama! We can finally be rid of those damn teachers! They will have to move off of Long Island when he raises the taxes! We all know they make over $250,000 year with the summers off...
Maggie Kent October 17, 2012 at 12:30 AM
You go girl. The schools need to get back to teaching and not lending their money and support to those politicians that will continue to push the Department of Education agenda. We all know full well that whole department can get slashed and save us all a whole bunch of money. Don't even get me started on their benefit and retirement packages!!!


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