FAA Likely to Close Danbury Tower April 1

The FAA sent a letter to Danbury Tuesday asking the city to let the FAA know if the national interest would be "adversely affected" by closing the tower.

The Danbury City Council voted Tuesday to tell the FAA keeping the air traffic control tower open at the airport is of the highest importance.

Airport Administrator Paul Estefan said he is trying to figure out how to respond to the FAA's question if closing the tower at Danbury airport would hurt the national interest. This is the second step in the airport tower closing process the FAA announced on Feb. 22. That announcement said six Connecticut airports will lose their air traffic control towers to save money.

"Negative impact on the national interest is the only criterion the FAA will use for deciding to continue services to an airport," FAA Administrator Michael Huerta wrote Tuesday to airports around the country in a letter co-signed by J. David Grizzle, chief operating officer, Air Traffic Organization.

The letter reminds airports they are free to maintain air traffic control services at the airport's expense, but Estefan said the letter doesn't talk about the liability the city would assume by running its own tower.

"The FAA's guiding principles in implementing the budget sequestration are to maintain our high safety standards," Huerta and Grizzle wrote.

Richard Frascone March 06, 2013 at 01:19 PM
What types of planes usually land at Danbury? If they are primarily corporate jets, there's gonna be some splanin' to do!!!
edward ackell March 06, 2013 at 03:54 PM
we have a military training base under construction..they may need the airport for militarty related purposes and/or for emergancy relief humanitarian aid..where are our elected officals voicing for Danbury...
Dave Bonan March 07, 2013 at 08:59 PM
Centennial Helicopters and a few flight schools are also based out of here. 80,000 flights a day, down from over 100k years ago.


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