Danbury's Business Environment Thriving

Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce President Stephen Bull at the opening of Whole Foods, 2013.
Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce President Stephen Bull at the opening of Whole Foods, 2013.
The Danbury economy is thriving, said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton to the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce at its annual Leader's Luncheon in his annual State of the City address. 

Boughton said Danbury has seen existing businesses expand, including Belimo Air Controls on Turner Road, and the expansion of Danbury Hospital, among others. He pointed to new businesses opening up, including Whole Foods and other new retail stores at the Shops at Marcus Dairy. More than 50 businesses opened in Danbury in 2013.

Boughton mentioned Doctor's Express, Pricerite and a new Union Savings Bank all opened in 2013 on Main Street.

"I'd like to take all the credit for this," Boughton said. He paused for a few seconds as the chamber members laughed. "No. I'm serious. I'd like to take full credit."

"We've got the best economy in the state of Connecticut," Boughton said, and he turned to his audience. "That's about you. You make this a great economy."

John December 16, 2013 at 09:12 AM
What an ASS!! People, how much have your property taxes increased in the past 5-years? Dear Mayor Mark: 1. What hospital in the U.S isn't making money based upon their outrageous fee structure...Good Job Mark!!! 2. Your thought process concerning retail re-development in Danbury is 30-years behind the times. Danbury is no longer a shopping hub and won't be in the future. New Milford and Putnam County among others have developed extensive retail shopping areas. There is no need for people to come to Danbury to shop. But otherwise fantastic job Mark as we add more $8/hr jobs. PS.. If my property taxes had not increased by 45% over the last 5-yars maybe I could afford to shop at Whole Foods. 3. People want real jobs Mark. Not bullshit part time retail positions. Most of the better paying professional positions left Danbury long ago and have never returned due mainly to your incompetence. Bridgeport, Waterbury, Middletown, West Hartford, Norwalk, Stamford these are cities/towns that actually have cohesive, well structured, re-development plans. People, get in your cars drive somewhere and you will see the difference. 4. Kudos to you Mark!!! You've managed to control the sheep. Great job on the downtown re-development plan. Can we get a couple of more check cashing stores and free health clinics down there? My skin crawls every time you open your mouth


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