Danbury Houses Sold: Warrington Round, Long Ridge Road, Stable Drive, Austin Street, Faith Lane

The following property transfers were recorded in the last week by the Danbury Town Clerk. Any historic property transfer published in italic type came from Vision Appraisals.

The Danbury Town Clerk recorded the following property transfers in the last week. Any information about previous sales comes from Vision Appraisals. It appears in italic type.

Toll CT III Limited Partnership sold 15 Warrington Round to Samuel McLamore on Aug. 30 for $371,680. Volume 2195, pages 829-830.

James Miller and Patricia Cody sold 26 Long Ridge Road on Aug. 30 to Donald Fiore and Christine Fiore for $385,000. Volume 2195, pages 940-942.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold 55 Mill Plain Road, Unit 30-1 on Aug. 30 to Carmen Dubuc for $120,000. Volume 2195, pages 958-960. The last time this house changed hands for money was on June 8, 2005 for $217,000. Volume 1764, page 1107.

Wayne Macuirzynski and Jayne Macuirzynski sold 8 Stable Drive on Sept. 4 to Cory Dahlgren and Michelle Dahlgren for $365,000. Volume 2195, pages 1060 and 1061. This house sold on May 16, 2003 for $370,000. Volume 1540, page 1182.

Steven D'Amico sold 7 Austin St. on Sept. 4 to Venna Saina for $170,000. Volume 2195 pages 1094-1095. The last time this house changed hands for money was Aug. 25, 2004 for $345,000. Volume 1686, page 404.

Alex Sardo sold 2 Faith Lane on Sept. 4 to Syed Rezwi for $401,500. Volume 2195, pages 1118-1119. The last time this property sold for money was Oct. 20, 2003, for $420,500. Volume 1599, page 131.

Helen Warner and Susan Warner sold 4 Beechwood Drive on Sept. 4 to Bethani Hancock for $225,000. Volume 2195, pages 1179-1180.


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