Danbury Houses Sold: Purcell Drive, Somers Village, Beaverbrook Road, Myrtle Avenue

The following property transfers were recorded by the Danbury Town Clerk. Any information about previous sales comes from Vision Appraisals, and it will appear in italic type.

The following information was provided by the . Any information about previous sales was provided by Vision Appraisals, and it appears in italic type.

Leonard Cagianello and Anne Cagianello sold 40 Purcell Drive, to Daniel Coelho and Ludmila Coelho on Aug. 9 for $250,000. Volume 2193, pages 304-306.

Neusa Goncalves sold 19 Somers St. unit D2 to Johnnattan Ciacedo on Aug. 9 for $150,000. Volume 2193 pages 361-362. Goncalves bought his property in 2005 for $240,000. Volume 1785, page 1055.

Michael Maida and Paula Maida sold 5 Fairfield Court, to Timothy Gonsowski on Aug. 9 for $360,000. Volume 2193 pages 465-466. The Maidas bought this house on Aug.7, 1998 for $249,000. Volume 1228, page 0737.

Oyola Milagros and Pedro Ferrer sold 1 Beaverbrook Road, Unit 2, to Jose Morais on Aug. 13 for $105,000. Volume 2193, pages 721-722. Milagros and Ferrer bought this property in March 2007 for $240,000. Volume 1920, page 812.

Saul Morocho sold property at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Abbott Avenue to Teofilo Cianflone on Aug. 14 for $142,000. Volume 2193 pages 912-913.


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