Danbury Houses Sold, Boulevard Drive, Padanaram Avenue, Sampson Terrace

The following information was provided by the Danbury Town Clerk. Information in italic type was provided by Vision Appraisals, if available.

The provided these property transfers from the last week. Any information about previous sales was provided by Vision Appraisals. It will appear in italic type.

Theresa Snopkowski sold 12 Stuart Drive on May 24 to Lucille Elizabeth Morry for $242,000. Snopkowski bought this property in September 2008 for $235,000.

Robert Kanter sold 4 Pocono Point Road on May 29 to John Shain and Leslie Shain for $216,250.00.

Matthew Saeed and Janine Sneed sold 4 Sampson Terrace on May 29 to David Bruckenthal for $360,000. The Sneed family bought this property in July 2007 for $405,130.

Aseem Kohli and Ritu Kohli sold 15 Huntington Drive on May 29 to Meheesh Talwar and Meenu Talwar for $460,000. The Kohli famil bought it in January 2000 for $430,000.


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