Danbury Houses Sold: Ten Homes Sold in November

The following property transfers were recorded by the Danbury Town Clerk.

Elysia Kilian sold unit 2, building 19, Sheperd Hill to Robert Bernstein and Julie Bernstein for $190,000 on Nov. 19. Volume 2206, pages 368-369.

William Mulligan and Gail Gordon Mulligan sold 1201 Bradford Drive, unit 1201, The Elms, Sterling Woods, to Arthur Gruber and Elissa Gruber on Nov. 19 for $277,500. Volume 2206, pages 316-319.

Leon Suster sold 8 Mallory Square to Benjamin Castruccio and Ardith Castruccio for $225,000 on Nov. 19. Volume 2206, pages 185-187.

John Keane and Jane Keane sold land on Deer Hill Road to Maria Ordonez for $390,000 on Nov. 19. Volume 2206, pages 134-134.

Raymond Kelly and Sharon Kelly sold 38 Stadley Rough Road to Robert Blair Jr. and Cathleen Blair for $462,000 on Nov. 19. Volume 2206, pages 120-121.

Lakeside Development LLC sold unit 1044 East Hayestown Road, to Elizabeth Rabbett for $300,227.43 on Nov. 19. Volume 2206, pages 67-69.

Bank of New York Trust sold 37 and one-half Westville Ave., to Joseph Lerose and Pamela Lerose for $110,000 on Nov. 19. Volume 2206, pages 40-42.

Robert A. Blair and Cathleen Blair sold 6 Monarch Road to Jerry Tomanelli, Annetta Tomanelli and Annette Tomanelli fo $300,000 on Nov. 19. Volume 2206, pages 1 and 2.

Heriberto Davila and Lolita Davila sold 2 Bayberry Lane to Kathyann Thomas and Euclid Thomas for $181,862.50 on Nov. 13.

Pamela Odice sold 2a Peace St., to Raphael DeLarosa for $180,000 on Nov. 13. Volume 2205, pages 585 and 586.

Carolina January 18, 2013 at 09:17 PM
what is the real state with most houses sold. please tell me because i have a house for sell.


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