Danbury Houses Sold: Belmont Circle, Silvermine Drive, Larson Drive, Morris Street, Deer Hill Avenue

The following property transfers were provided by the Danbury Town Clerk. Where possible, previous transfers were taken from Vision Appraisals, and they will appear in italic type.

The Danbury Town Clerk provided the following information. Where possible, previous transfers of the same property were provided by Vision Appraisals. They will appear in italic type.

Helen Best sold 18 Belmont Circle on Aug. 16 to Manuel Gauman for $100,000. Volume 2194, pages 81-83.

Brian Toole and Faith Tool sold unit 120 Silversmith Drive on Aug. 16 to Kenneth Carosella and Julia Carosella for $378,000. Volume 2194, pages 190-195. The Carosellas bought this unit on May 24, 2007, for $485,000. Volume 1936, page 206.

Collette Calderon Tomassi sold 1205 Larson Drive on Aug. 20 to Carolyn Longo for $277,635. Volume 2194, pages 432-434.

Sandoval Carvalho and Clarice Carvalho sold 37 Morris St. on Aug. 21, to Jackson Batista for $155,000. Volume 2194, pages 662-663. The Carvalhos bought this property on June 16, 2006, for $280,000. Volume 1860, page 496.

Douglas Mann sold 67 Deer Hill Ave. to Nancy O'Donnell-Kenny and Kate O'Donnell Diaz on Aug. 22 for $204,900. Volume 2194, pages 892-893.

Robert Laber and Donna Laber sold 13 Dr. Aaron B. Samuels Blvd. on Aug 22 to Douglas McGregor and Jennifer Tokofsky for $310,000. Volume 2194, pages 958-960.

Christopher Taylor sold 166 Old Brookfield Road, Unit 17-6, Sheperd Hill, on Aug. 22 to Kelly Aquilino for $139,000. Volume 2194, pages 1033-1034. Christopher Taylor bought this unit on Oct. 31, 2006, for $185,000. Volume 1890, page 155.


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