Danbury Highway Workers Assisting Waterbury

Some roads in Waterbury hadn't been plowed as of Monday afternoon, so Danbury sent trucks, payloaders and workers to help out.

Danbury has sent help to Waterbury in the shape of Highway Department workers, trucks, payloaders, plows and other equipment to help clear roads.

"They really got hammered," said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. "They have streets that have yet to be plowed."

Boughton said this "mutual aid," will be paid for by FEMA, because Connecticut has been declared a disaster area by the federal government. Waterbury needs help now, and Danbury is in a position to provide it.

"They would do it for us," Boughton said. Danbury workers expect to work in Waterbury until Tuesday morning. "They'll be there all night."

bordwithbs February 12, 2013 at 12:45 PM
Noble exercise, however Danbury roads are still in need of more work. Most rural roads could use soem further widening,and snow removal on Main St. would free up hydrants and crosswalks that are not yet cleared. Of course, there might not be a headline if the work the taxpayers have paid for was contained to Danbury.........


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