Danbury Family: 'Esty Helped Us Save Our Home'

The family's story is the latest that the Congresswoman is sharing in a new section on her website.

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, D-5. Credit: Esty's Office
Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, D-5. Credit: Esty's Office

A Danbury family's plight to save their home from foreclosure is the latest story that Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, D-5, is highlighting in a new feature on her website, "Constituent Corner."

According to a release from Esty's office, “Constituent Corner” showcases positive stories from district residents who sought assistance with the federal government through her office. 

“When I talk with constituents after they’ve worked with my office, many of them ask me to share their stories so that others will know how to get help as well," Esty said. "The reason for launching this website is plain and simple — we all need to hear more good news. I’m excited by the work my office has done to help folks receive the benefits they have earned and better understand the federal programs that are out there.”

The latest item in Constituent Corner tells Gail and Lew Sirico's story. The Sirico family, of Danbury, reached out to Esty’s office after falling behind on their mortgage when Lew got sick and lost his job, according to a release from Esty's office. 

Esty’s office helped modify their monthly mortgage payments, which saved the family $5,100 and allowed them to stay in their home. 

“Rep. Esty helped us save our home when no one else would help us,” said Gail Sirico. “We were hanging on by a thread. Her help was constant, supportive, and life-changing.”

What has been your experience in reaching out to Esty's office?

Semmas February 19, 2014 at 11:50 AM
The thing I can't stand about Congress people is that they brag about themselves and all their wonderful accomplishments all the time. Just do your damn job - that's what you were "elected" for and by the way, you're also getting a pretty good salary as well as benefits. No need to be narcissistic.


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