City Council Reconsiders Airport Beacons After Feds Cut Funds

The City Council will reconsider funding beacon lights at Danbury Municipal Airport after the cost of the project nearly doubles in a year.

The problem, said Paul Estefan, is that congress pulled the rug out from under Danbury in 2012.

Danbury had approval to replace 25-year-old FAA Hazard Beacons at a cost of roughly $9,000 to the city. The beacons would cost about $750,000, but the state and federal government were going to cover almost all of that.

The city council approved an expenditure in February, Estefan said, of $9,000.

Estefan is back in front of the council Wednesday night with a request for $19,345.

"Congress decides after we pass the resolution not to re-appropriate the 95 percent funding for the grants," Estefan said. "That's why I had to come back to the council."

Finance Director David St. Hilaire reported to the City Council a contingency account has money available to cover the extra expense.

bordwithbs September 05, 2012 at 10:16 AM
Theree quarters of a million of taxpayer money for beacons? Whether or not it's funded by local, state or federal money we need to reconsider the cost. How much of our tax dollars returned to Danbury is not as important as the ultimate benefit versus the overall expense.
bordwithbs September 05, 2012 at 10:18 AM
Try THREE, not "Theree"


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