City Council Approves New Money Hunt

The Danbury City Council agreed Tuesday to ask Finance Director David St. Hilaire to seek new sources of revenue in a tight budget year.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said the city can't rely forever on raising property taxes to fund rising budgets. The City Council agreed to his proposal to seek unusual sources of revenue with the help of Finance Director David St. Hilaire.

"We haven't done this exercise in several years," Boughton said during Tuesday's City Council meeting. "We have to look at our use of assets, we have to look at people, we have to look at what other cities are doing."

Boughton is asking St. Hilaire what other towns are doing to fill their budget gaps.

City Council Member Donald Taylor said he and his wife pay nearly $1,300 a month for health care, and city employees should consider paying a higher percentage of their health care costs.

The council agreed to ask St. Hilare to look for new revenue sources.


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