Chief Justice: CT Judges Need $45,000 Raise

Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers says Connecticut judges are underpaid compared to their peers in other states and she has formally proposed that judges here get $45,000 each in pay raises over the next four years.


Connecticut’s chief justice wants to give $45,000 in raises to state judges, a move she says is needed because the judges have gone five years without a salary increase and because they are underpaid compared to judges in other states.

Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers proposed the increases over four years in a report to the state’s Commission on Judicial Compensation. The commission is expected to make a recommendation on her request in January. The legislature could vote on the proposal next year.

Under her recommendation, a superior court judge’s salary would increase from an average of about $147,000 annually to about $192,000, according to a report by television station WTNH.  A national court organization ranks Connecticut 45th in the country for judges' pay, the report says.

Under her plan Connecticut Supreme Court judges would see their pay rise about $49,000 eacy over four years, from about $163,000 to about $212,000, according to The Day of New London.

The judicial pay raise plan, coming on the heels of more than $260,000 in controversial salary hikes that were given, and later suspended, to top officials in the state’s Department of Higher Education last week, is already drawing fire from some politicians in the state.

law October 18, 2012 at 07:49 PM
A lot of people are not employed or under-employed now. I think it is the wrong time to be asking for raises for anyone. Especially if the reason is to bring them up to the salaries in other states. Folks are being thrown out of their homes because of unpaid taxes and you want a raise. Heaven forgive me for my thoughts.
Steve St.Jean October 18, 2012 at 10:39 PM
How about keep them where they are and bring all the other judges down a peg. If they can't make ends meet with that measly $147,000 perhaps they can supplement their income with drug dealing and larceny. Seriously though, this is what the job pays-you want it or you don't. They all have the option of remaining attorneys. Put it to a vote by the citizens of Connecticut in November elections and see how much sympathy they find.
fact_checker October 19, 2012 at 06:24 PM
I don't think the reporting in this article is completely accurate. The average salary for a trial judge in the U.S. is $137k. In Connecticut, a trial judge earns $147k, well above the average. Nationally, we do not rank 45th as stated. Nationally, we rank 14th. The highest salary in the nation for a trial judge is $180k (Illinois). If Connecticut doles out a raise of $45k - as is being requested - our judges would be making $192k, well above the highest salary in the nation, propelling us into first place in the rankings. I see no reason to make Connecticut judges the highest paid in the nation - and by such a large margin.
bart October 19, 2012 at 07:02 PM
that's more than I make in a year MUST BE NICE TO FEEL ENTITLED to a raise must of of gone to mexico for a few days GREED and blissful ignorance are the raise here


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