U.S. Rep. John Larson Calls For Gun Control Talks

In a statement issued this weekend Connecticut's First District Democrat said "politics be damned" in the wake of the Newtown shootings.

Connecticut Congressman John Larson, D-First District, called this weekend for a serious political debate on the issue of gun control following the Newtown shootings that killed 26 people, 20 of them children.

In a statement issued Saturday Larson said "politics be damned" and that it's time for the country to face the issue head-on.

"Friday was a day of mourning, but the time to act is now upon us. To do nothing in the face of continuous assaults on our children is to be complicit in those assaults. There may not be a single cure-all for the violence in our nation, however we must start the process and begin the deeper and longer conversations that need to take place. Politics be damned. Of the 12 deadliest shootings in our nation's history, half of them have happened in the last five years. And there is not a single person in America who doesn't fear it will happen again. It's time we recognize the danger and address it."

In a memorial vigil Sunday night in Newtown President Obama also touched on the subject of gun control, saying America is not doing enough to keep its children safe.

Many of Connecticut's lawmakers have been mostly silent on the politically-charged issue of gun control in the wake of the shootings. Their constituents, however, have not. Thousands of them have taken to social media and other outlets to call for gun control, and to argue against it.

Rob Van December 18, 2012 at 06:08 PM
One should not resort to applying simplistic solutions to complex issues. It is an unfortunate fact that gun control will do nothing to prevent mass killings as the ones in Aurora and Newtown. Weapons are just a tool and banning fire arms would only lead to their replacements with other mortal tools. Statistics prove that a responsible and armed populace leads to a reduction of violent crime. The problem is societal in that young men are deprived of meaningful guidance by their parents and educators to teach them right from wrong. Young teenagers play incredibly violent video games on a daily basis, losing their sense of reality. The same type of games are used to train our military, but there the games have a function, context and purpose, and take place within a controlled environment. This context and environment is non-present when young men play the games in the solitude of their rooms at home. Both the shooter in Aurora and in CT had serious mental health issues and difficulty in connecting socially, and to my knowledge both played these games. The root of the problem is not the guns but the disturbed people using them. If we can remove the cause of their disturbance or find a way to discover their metal state timely to provide professional help, then and only then can we prevent these tragedies from happening. Gun control is similar to fighting the symptons in stead of the disease.
Dan DePass January 12, 2013 at 06:41 PM
Dan DePass Gun control has its validity, e.g., assault weapons etc. The clamor for gun control in general however, is focusing on one corollary of a much bigger dilemma--analgous to putting out a forest fire by focusing only on one burning tree. And the term 'mental illness' has a much broader application than perhaps we give it. The violent mindset modeled by Hollywood, many prime-time television programs, and the video game industry, and other, less prime sources, is the forest. Of course, any mention of activism in these areas is immediately met with an onslaught of 1st Amendment objections--a "have your cake and eat it to" knee-jerk reaction. Our culture wants unlimited, untrammeled license to imbibe visual violence, while paying only lip service to its logical consequence--physical violence. End Part 1
Dan DePass January 12, 2013 at 06:50 PM
Dan DePass - Part 2 Enacting more stringent and sweeping laws to limit gun control is a dicey proposition. Again, assault weapons are fair game. However, 2nd Amendment protections for citizen gun ownership was included in the Constitution for good reason, and remarkable foresight by the Founders. Disarming the citizenry deprives them of the right to self-protection, and, yes, that right comes with individual responsibility to use common sense and proven safety practices to prevent mishaps in and outside of the home. The term "adult" connotates the judgment to use both. But I would not, as a citizenry, be too rash in relinquishing our right to bear arms to the government--especially to our republic's current brand of expanding and invasive governement, which clearly has a post-Modern disdain for the Constitution. End Part 2
Dan DePass January 12, 2013 at 07:12 PM
Dan Depass - Part 2 In conclusion, two final thoughts for elected officials and citizens alike. Speaking now as a retired peace officer, (1) no legislation, no laws, no set of regulatory controls, is going to prevent violent individuals or groups--criminal or mentally ill--from perpetrating violence. The violent Syrian regime is supplied with weaponry from Russian at the international level, drug cartels have their weapons suppliers at the regional level, street gangs have theirs at the city level, and rogue individuals with violent intent will find theirs as well. The only ones unarmed will be the citizen; (2) To postulate that 'government," national, state, or local, is sufficient for the protecction of the citizenry is self-delusional. Having served in that capacity I know both the strengths and limitations of government protection. If we wish to make a safer society, we will in fact have to relinquish some 1st Amendment free speech protections. I want to quickly inject here that the Founders would never have extended 1st Amendment protection to behavior destructive of the Republic--Hollywood, television, video game, and pornographic violence against women and children, as cases in point. Let's legislate within Constitutional perameters, cease interpreting those perameters to indulge moral license, and enact controls on the sources of violence that so influence the minds of America, especially impressonable young America. Thank you.


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