NEW UPDATE: Six Hundred and Fourteen Homes Without Power in Danbury at 7:53 p.m.

Trees have fallen on power lines, and CL&P is reporting 394 (451 at 6:44 p.m.) (614 people at 7:53 p.m.) people without power in Danbury.

A large tree is resting on wires on Great Plain Street north of St. Gregory the Great Church, and 614 people are without power in Danbury.

A telephone pole is on the ground at Zinn Road near Chambers Road, said Emergency Management Director Paul Estefan, who also said he will spend the night driving around Danbury. "There are wires down."

"It's still quiet and reasonably under control," Estefan said. "They say we're in a tornado box. Maybe it's going to stay to our west. What we have to watch is what path it takes. If it moves to the east, we have to watch it."

The wind and rain appears to be knocking branches onto wires. For further information about town by town outages, check this CL&P site for an outage map.


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