Suspect in Danbury Gulf Station Robbery Wanted in Four Others

Danbury Police are investigating a shooting at the Gulf Station on North Street. This suspect may have been involved in more than four robberies in Danbury in the last six weeks.

Police are investigating the shooting of a clerk that occurred at about midnight Thursday morning.

"We have a shooting. We don't know if it's a robbery yet," said Shift Commander Brian Murphy Thursday morning.

After the shift commander said that at about 6 a.m. Thursday, Danbury Police Chief Al Baker confirmed the suspect may have been involved in five armed robberies since April 22. One was a Citgo gas station at 300 White St., a second was a Gulf station on North Main Street on May 5, the third was Union Savings Bank on May 8 at North Street, and the fourth was Food Bag at about midnight Tuesday going into Wednesday this week.

"This is the high priority," Baker said.

In the third robbery, the one at the Union Savings Bank ATM on May 8, the robber pointed his handgun at the victim through the windshield, but the victim then ran into the robber with his car. The robber still escaped. The victim went to Dunkin Donuts, where he was treated by city EMS personnel for a possible heart attack.

According to the original police press release on Thursday's robbery, "Information gathered at the scene revealed that the clerk was shot inside the store area of the gas station.  The suspect was described as a black male, approx. 5’9”/5’10” tall, approx. 180-200 lbs., wearing a black baseball cap, black tee shirt with “BEST SELLING” written on the back of the shirt in yellow letters, blue jean shorts, black sneakers, dark colored bandana covering his face.  He was also wearing black gloves and a silver handgun."

"They have the video footage. The detectives are reviewing it," Murphy said. (See attached photos.)

Danbury Police Department detectives are now reviewing video tapes of the incident, and that will help police determine what happened. "They have the video footage. The detectives are reviewing it," Murphy said.

Workers at Gulf declined to comment, saying that could wait for their boss's arrival sometime after 10 a.m. or 11 a.m.

Murphy said the victim was reported to be at Danbury Hospital in stable condition.

bob June 11, 2012 at 06:32 AM
I love when the story ends like this store owner pulls out his legal firearm and blow the skid away .These dirt bag skids need to start getting blasted ....


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