Pipe Burst at 11 Ives St., the former Horizons and before that, Boppers

The former bar/restaurant at 11 Ives is vacant, but that didn't stop water from making a visit.

A pipe in the attic or ceiling burst at 11 Ives St., Tuesday afternoon, flooding the main floor and basement at what used to be Horizons and Boppers.

Assistant Fire Chief Steven Williams said the burst pipe followed a familiar pattern. The coldest weather occurred last week, and no one knew the pipe burst because the water was too frozen to flow. Once it warmed up today, Williams said, everyone noticed the water from the burst pipe.

"It's always a few days later," Williams said.

By the time workers next door at Two Steps noticed the water flowing out from under the doors onto Ives Street, the basement was flooded with two feet of water.


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