Homeowner Injured in Dogwood Drive Fire

An afternoon fire on Dogwood Drive injured a homeowner Friday.

Neighbors attempted to get inside a Dogwood Drive home Friday afternoon when a fire broke out.

When firefighters arrived, they learned a man might be inside the home, and firefighters were able to get the man out and into an ambulance, said Fire Chief Geoffrey Herald.

Herald said he didn't know the extent or nature of the injuries, but he said the man owned the home and was taken to Danbury Hospital for treatment. Herald said neighbors were trying to rescue the man when the fire department arrived.

"They're still on the scene," Herald said. "I don't know the name or the address at this point. I know we have one injury."

Herald said he understood the damage was extensive in one room, but firefighters were able to stop the fire and contain it to the room and nearby spaces.


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