Danbury City Hall Closed Monday

Danbury's City Hall will be closed Monday. All public safety personnel will report to work as instructed.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said City Hall will be closed tomorrow for routine business.

Public safety workers, including the Danbury Fire Department, Danbury Police Department and Public Works employees will report to work as previously agreed.

"We're just waiting for this to roll in," Boughton said.

Emergency Management Director Paul Estefan said the city's emergency shelter at the War Memorial will be open early Monday, and anyone who wants to ride out the storm in a safe shelter is welcome. For people with medical issues, Estefan asked those people to first visit the War Memorial, where they will be directed to the proper help.

"Danbury will be setting up its emergency shelters," Estefan said, "as usual. This time around it isn't as bad as it was last year. It isn't as cold, but people might want a place to ride out the storm."


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