VIDEO: McKinney Promises No State Contractor Cash for His Campaign, but New Report Shows He is Still Accepting Banned Contributions

Hartford, CT - At this weekend’s GOP debate, John McKinney went on the attack again regarding state contractors legally contributing to state party federal accounts. Then, he looked right into the camera and said: “I won’t take a penny from state contractors into our campaign.” Here’s the video. But in February, the Hartford Courant revealed that John McKinney took multiple contributions from state contractors who are banned from giving to statewide campaigns. It gets worse. A review of John McKinney’s March 31st SEEC report shows that he continued to take contributions from at least two more banned state contractor principals.

“John McKinney looked straight into the camera at the GOP debate and lied to the citizens of Connecticut about not taking state contractor money into his campaign – a practice that is already banned,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo. “Not only was John McKinney busted for accepting state contractor money back in February, but the finance report he filed just days before the GOP debate shows he continued to take banned contributions. John McKinney owes the voters an apology for his blatant hypocrisy.”


Below is a list of principals of state contractors or prospective contractors who contributed to John McKinney’s campaign and appear on the March 31, 2014 SEEC report:

Klaus Babiarz’s occupation is listed as “Owner” of Concentric Tool MFG. According to Concentric Tool’s website, Concentric Tools was founded and operated by Klaus Babiarz. Babiarz contributed $100 to John McKinney’s gubernatorial campaign. “Concentric Tool & MFG” appears on List Two- State Contractors Prohibited from Contributing to Statewide Candidates from the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Division.

Susan LaFrance’s occupation is listed as “Administrator” of Fairfield University. According to Fairfield University, Ms. LaFrance is the Director of Government Grants. LaFrance contributed $100 to John McKinney’s gubernatorial campaign. Fairfield University appears on List Two- State Contractors Prohibited from Contributing to Statewide Candidates from the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Division.

Refunded Contributions

In Jon Lender’s February 15, 2004 article, it was written about Senator McKinney’s state contractor contributions: “McKinney said that on Friday his campaign reviewed the list of donations that The Courant identified — and he said he and his campaign staff will review them again, in greater depth — but for now, he believes they all ‘are apparently appropriate.’” However, Senator McKinney’s April filing revealed returned contributions to some of the state contractors listed in the Lender story.

Jonathan And Lorene Gavin’s Contributions Were Returned.

William And Maureen Valus’ Contributions Were Returned.  

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