"The Other Two Are Like Voting for Nader"

The day's best comments from Patch account-holders in our Fairfield County towns.

BROOKFIELD: “I would love to see people (especially women) getting as whipped up about income disparity, how much more we pay for health insurance than men or one of the other real issues women face as we are about this non-issue.” — That’s what Brookfield Patch account-holder said on today’s “Patch In” piece from is causing people of every gender to lose focus on more important issues. To Laura and others, stay tuned this week for “Patch Back,” a response piece from Patch columnist Lisa Bigelow.

NEWTOWN: “If people are speeding, arrest them, throw their asses in jail and take their cars! The speeding will stop!” — So said Patrick J Lombard on Newtown Patch’s Facebook page, responding to an article on .

STAMFORD: “Texas tax cheats, harsh statement?” — That’s what said in response to this , which says city taxpayers and schoolchildren are suffering. Why? Because Stamford is losing the tax benefit that would come with involvement of a local builder in a closely followed building project in the city’s South End.

TRUMBULL: “She is very enthusiastic, patient and a positive role model for my daughter.” — That’s what one Trumbull Patch account-holder, , said about in Patch’s continuously updated directory of businesses in town. Reviews posted there will be found by future readers on each Patch.

WILTON: “Please remove orems and outback from this conversation. Marleys, Luca and Schoolhouse are the only real contenders. [The] other two are like voting for Nader.” — Great comment here from on —best steak to be had in a local restaurant.


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