Educators are Heroes!

Thank our Educators for all their do in a thankless job!

As I sat, prayed and pondered the senseless violence of Friday I cried. Nothing
made sense and nothing eased the pain. As individuals who send their children
out to school, it is supposed to be a safe haven. And we don't think anything
other then them getting bruises during recess or a couple of fights will
happen. As we learn more details of this heinous event we learn that all the
adults that passed were heroes!! They died protecting their children and if not
for the few especially Principal Hochsprung there would have been more casualties!

What I ask is that you realize how much educators do and the little respect they
get, the little each of them they get paid. They teach, nurture, protect and
help your children grow up. They make sure your children are knowledgeable and
grow up to be productive citizens. They get paid peanuts! They work long agonizing hours. Sun up to sun down and nights and weekends. Their day doesn't stop once your children go home. They get no praise or worship like neither celebrities or sports stars nor the accolades. Yet they break their backs and asses to do what others can't or won't!

So next time you see an educator, next time you get a call that your child isn't
doing well, next time you send your child to school instead of a BABYSITTER!
You make sure you tell that teacher, that principal, that educator "THANK
YOU!" Thank you for taking on the task that so many wouldn't or couldn't.
You don't know what goes on in the schools when your "sweet darlings"
enter. What they really do and how educators use their skills to maintain control,
nourish and entertain (just to name a few things). Thank an Educator and tell
them you appreciate them. Show you care!

Thank you all of you Educators and all who work with or help them. Thank you
Principal Joaquim, who under such stress commanded her staff with precision and
poise, thank you staff at RPMS for their support and helping myself and Officer
Martinez keep our school secure and safe, Thank the Administrators and
Administrative Assistants who kept things running smoothly and efficiently.

All that know me know I do all I can for the children of Danbury and with children
of Danbury, I Coach, Mentor, (ex) BOE Member, NAACP Board Member, Danbury
Athletic Youth Organization Board Member, Commissioner of the T-Ball Program,
Public Speaker, Team Builder etc. I believe in making the children priority and
help them become better then they believe they can, as well as help their
parents when needed to create men and women. Educators get the low rung of the ladder and I see it at home with Educators in my family what they do and how
much time they give, I see it all up close and personal!

It may sound like I am ranting but God Bless our Educators who mold and shape our children and do what they do out of love (because they sure don't do it for the
pay or the praise) and God Bless the families whose Christmas/Holidays will be
grim this year. Pray and continue to pray as I do. No matter what your beliefs
send nothing but positive and good energy their way.

Let's start letting people we know and love how much we appreciate them and love them every second, every minute of every day! Especially our Educators!!

Keith Gailliard, Safety Advocate Officer at Rogers Park Middle School


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