Danbury Houses Sold: Caldwell Terrace, Filmore Avenue, Fairview Drive, Pinnacle Way, Deer Park Road

The following property transfers were recorded by the Danbury Town Clerk. If there is a second transfer in italic type, it was provided by Vision Appraisal.

Bethel Danbury Two LLC sold 32 Caldwell Terrace on Sept. 6 to Nakka Sreenivasarao and Muppura Thulasiswarnatha for $354,000. Volume 2196, pages 846-847.

Lupe Culcay sold 10 Filmore Ave. to Moussa Ataya and Ziad Ataya on Sept. 10 for $160,000. Volume 2196, pages 1032-1033. Culcay bought this house for $360,000 on Dec. 29, 2004. Volume 1720, page 521.

Clifford Sloat and Geraldine Sloat sold 39-1 Fairview Drive on Sept. 10 to Deborah Paciarello for $85,000. Volume 2196, pages 1037-1039.

Ashley Bew sold 1704 Pinnacle Way to Lorraine Lindstrom on Sept. 11 for $300,000. Volume 2197, pages 46-48. Bew bought this property on May 20, 2009, for $308,000. Volume 2043, page 578.

8 Glen Road LLC sold 5 Deer Park Road to Amanda Iapaluccio and Carmine Iapaluccio III on Sept. 12 for $343,000. Volume 2197, pages 380-381.


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