Warmup Radiant Floor Heating Systems Increase the Value of Homes

Warmup 3iE thermostat
Warmup 3iE thermostat

For those wanting to increase the value of their homes, Warmup has a solution. Replace bulky radiators that take up valuable living space with an in floor heating system. Though it can only be felt, not seen, in floor heating is a modern and energy efficient source of radiant heat that will update any room.

“Our in floor heating systems are perfect for all floor types,” explained Regis Verliefde, CEO of Warmup Inc. “If flooring is being renovated anyways, in floor heating can be easily installed to become an additional selling feature.”

Whether it is a kitchen with laminate, bathroom with tile or basement with carpet, Warmup can make any room more comfortable with a variety of radiant floor heating products. From foil heating systems for carpet, in-slab cables for concrete to carbon heating systems for laminate, Warmup’s products are flexible in design.

In addition to impressing potential home buyers with warmth, in floor heating also has low running costs. Paired with Warmup’s 3iE, the world’s first fully interactive and energy monitoring thermostat, users can save ten percent on energy bills.

“The 3iE will attract buyers and start conversations,” continued Verliefde. “While measuring energy consumption and recommending efficient settings, the 3iE is also user-friendly and features a modern, sleek design in eight unique colors.”

Warmup radiant floor heating systems also require zero maintenance. With no moving parts, they will not wear out. All systems carry an up to 30 years warranty. According to industry estimates, the typical lifespan of a gas boiler system is 10 years. When maintenance costs are considered, the annual running costs of an in floor heating system look remarkably attractive.

Improved comfort and energy efficiency are major ways that in floor heating can increase the value of homes. To find out more visit www.warmup.com.


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