Security USA Adds Biometrics to Improve Security

Security USA continues to lead the industry in the use of cutting edge technology to exponentially improve the standard of security over guards alone. Long hailed as innovators for their wide range of security services for commercial, residential and personal security services, highly trained guards and integration of technology to provide security programs that are both effective and cost-effective, Security USA has announced that they have added facial recognition and license plate readers to their inventory of technology which includes card scanners, metal detectors, digit readers and iris scanners as well as a multitude of camera and monitoring options.

Recent high profile crime cases in the news have been solved quickly with the help of the feed from area security cameras. With facial recognition and license plate reader software, response time can be improved enough that it may be possible to prevent the incidents from happening at all.

Security USA's new proprietary facial recognition software can be an important component of the security plan for schools, retail establishments and residential applications. The cameras capture facial images of people entering the premises and compare them to a database, which can contain images of convicted sex offenders, felons or others who are not wanted on the premises and notify security or other appropriate staff members when a match is found -all in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, the database may contain images of all residents in a building, and the software can be used to open doors for those who DO belong on the premises. With this technology, Security USA can offer virtual doorman services as a cost effective alternative to front door staff, or provide it as a tool to make existing front door staff more efficient.

License plate readers bring a new level of convenience and security to gated communities and parking lot security by recording the license plate number of every vehicle that enters the premises and comparing them to a database of license numbers that should or shouldn't be allowed on premises and controlling the automatic gates accordingly.

CEO Rami Hahitti, a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces Special Forces Unit explains, "Security USA has been a different kind of security company from its inception in 2001, with its philosophy firmly rooted in the Israeli security model. As criminals become more sophisticated, we need to do the same. I don't believe that we would be adequately serving our clients if we didn't strive to integrate the best technology available to help keep them, their families, visitors, customers and employees safe."

Security USA is a security guard company with offices in midtown Manhattan and Smithtown, providing quality security services to commercial, residential and personal clients throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties, New Jersey, Connecticut and the entire northeast. They can be reached at 1-866GUARD80. www.securityusa.info


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