High Ridge Brands, maker of Zest®, VO5®, White Rain®, Coast® and Rave®, will donate up to three million showers-worth of soap, shampoo, conditioner and other personal care essentials to impoverished families across America.  The company is working with the non-profit organization Family-to-Family to distribute the first million showers-worth of products, and help launch The Family-to-Family Shower To The People Program.


The donation will help meet a serious need.  SNAP, formerly known as the food stamp program, and other major Federal assistance programs don’t cover personal care items, leading millions of families to reach out to local social service organizations for help.  A 2013 study by Feeding America found that of those surveyed who were unable to afford basic household goods, 55% reported skipping shampooing and 33% reported bathing without soap as a means to save money and cope with difficult economic times. In addition, 40% of that study’s low income respondents reported skipping or delaying their rent payment in the past year to afford non-food household essentials.


“High Ridge Brands is committed to improving the lives of families everywhere.  Plain and simple, everyone deserves to start their day with dignity, feeling clean and with their best foot forward,” said James Daniels, CEO of High Ridge Brands.   “We are privileged to support the exceptional and essential work of Family-to-Family which through programs like ‘Shower To The People’ makes a difference in our neediest neighbors’ lives, every single day.”    


“Hard as it is to believe, the most basic personal care items, like a bar of soap, or a bottle of shampoo, are especially hard to come by for families struggling to feed their families,” said Pam Koner, Founder of Family-to-Family.  “We have long known this at Family-to-Family, and are grateful to companies like High Ridge Brands that choose to mobilize their resources and consumers to make a tangible difference.”


The first one million showers-worth of VO5, Zest and other high-quality High Ridge Brands products will be shipped to social service organizations in over 20 states.  Through March 15, redeemed specially-marked coupons for Zest, VO5, Rave, Coast and White Rain will provide one additional shower’s-worth of products for families in need, up to a total of three million showers for the entire program.  Coupons will be available on each participating brand’s website.


About High Ridge Brands

Headquartered in Stamford, CT, High Ridge Brands provides families with high quality personal care products at a great value. High Ridge Brands Family of Values portfolio includes Alberto VO5® brand in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, as well as Rave® and White Rain® hair care products, and Zest® and Coast ® personal cleansing brands globally. For more information, please visit www.highridgebrands.com


About Family-to-Family

Family-to-Family, Inc. (www.family-to-family.org) is a grassroots nonprofit 501c3 hunger and poverty relief organization dedicated to providing food, personal hygiene products and other basic life essentials to American families struggling with the challenges of poverty. By connecting donors one-to-one with specific families in need, Family-to-Family brings a large and seemingly intractable problem – poverty – into personal focus,  making proactive, attainable results possible...one family at a time.


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