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co-owner Tom Kelly on the right
co-owner Tom Kelly on the right

An interview with Danbury News Times Inside Business features Doctors Express Danbury Co-Owner Tom Kelly speaking on the unique value the Danbury Urgent Care Center brings to the Greater Danbury area.

Opened in March of this year, Doctors Express Danbury has now seen thousands of patients utilizing its’ services in the greater Danbury area.

Deeming the center the “nicest in the state” Kelly and his staff has made an effort to not only treat the patients ailments but to make them feel comfortable and welcome as well, offering the patients coffee or water as soon as they walk through the doors.

“Everything from the artwork, sconces, flooring, and paint colors are designed for relaxation and comfort”, Kelly stated.

Kelly also emphasized the importance of working with the community as vital, and sees both the success of the urgent care center as well as well the city of Danbury’s revitalization efforts depending on the integration of local contractors, vendors, working alongside the medical community, and reaching out across all platforms to integrate rather than isolate.

“We’ve invested over $1,000,000 locally to bring this facility to town and in the process created 25 full /part- time jobs and utilized local contractors and businesses as our vendors. Our decision to invest in this downtown location also enabled a new concept Dunkin Donuts opening next door. This will bring another great facelift to the south-end of downtown Danbury and may not have occurred if we hadn’t opened our facility. We have brought accessible, affordable healthcare to greater Danbury and have been met with tremendous response from the city and surrounding communities.”



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