Sportography Opens in Danbury

Two Danbury natives, Eric Eisen and Greg Eisen, have brought their sports photography business back to Danbury after operating it here in the 1990s, then in Bethel, and Brookfield, and now back in town.

It's almost Old Home Week at Sportography, because the firm that was founded near Danbury High School on Flintlock Drive in 1987 returned to Danbury at 100 Mill Plain Road. The company celebrated its grand opening on March 9.

In its 25 years in business, the firm operated in Bethel on Taylor Avenue near Rings End, and in Brookfield. Today, the firm has eight offices, said Greg Eisen, 37, and Eric Eisen, 35, the brothers who ran the company after buying it from its founder, Jonathan Chase, who opened it on Flintlock Drive.

When the school and sports seasons are in full swing, the company will employ up to 25 people in Danbury, Eric Eisen said. The company had five offices in June 2008, when the brothers sold the company to LifeTouch, a firm based in Eden Prairie, MN. LifeTouch runs Target's photo business, as well as the photo business of JC Penny. LifeTouch employs up to 22,000 people nationwide in its busiest season. The pair didn't want to leave the firm after selling it.

LifeTouch has contacts to shoot school photos in 10 Danbury schools. Each contract at each school is unique, but in general, the business is photographing high school athletes, teams, as well as taking yearbook photographs.

"It was unfinished business," Eric Eisen said about staying with the firm. The brothers grew up in Danbury's Aunt Hack neighborhood, just up the hill from the new office, and both graduated from Danbury High School.

"It was always our dream," Greg Eisen said. "It's a fun business. You know that old saying, We found a business without looking for one. We love sports."

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, who attended the grand opening, said it is always a pleasure to see a new business open in town.


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