Katherine's Kitchen, ACE Hardware Close

Here are a few businesses that have opened or closed recently.

Small towns are made up of small businesses, and here in Newtown it's not always easy to stay afloat. In addition to last year's opened and closed businesses, here are a few others so far in 2012.


  • ACE Hardware. Employees at Caraluzzi's said the neighboring hardware store on Queen Street closed its doors sometime last week. There was no notice on the darkened store's entrance.
  • Katherine's Kitchen. This Sandy Hook deli recently closed and will reopen as another branch of Newtown Deli and Catering, which already has a location on South Main Street and runs the cafe at the Newtown Youth Academy.


  • Newtown Deli (see above).
  • McGuire's Ale House. This restaurant opened in late January. The location on Mt. Pleasant Road (the former home of Hot Shots) serves lunch and dinner and has a bar as well as a dining room.

Notice any other new businesses or closings? Let us know in the comments.

brenda March 08, 2012 at 01:46 AM
how many banks can one town actually have.,..newtown needs to get out of the dark ages..i dont find anything extremely spectacular about newtown..as for the hometown feel,it lacks greatly..rents are too high..taxes too high...drugs rampet..no jobs..no public transport..alot of corruption..."we have read the stories"..and iam simply shocked how people behave around here..i have come across many rude people..so glad to not be there any more..the only thing newtown has thats interesting is the movie house..and for that stupid flag pole...well geez there are town folk who have lived here many years...that still dont get the traffic flow around that accident pole..
Dawgboy March 12, 2012 at 07:19 PM
I am not surprised that Catherine's Kitchen went out of business. There are many deli's in our area and they were by far the worst. I went one time and ordered a chicken cutlet sandwich - the piece of chicken was so small that one entire half did not have any on it! I remember saying that this place would never make it.
WaxyGordon March 12, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Newtown makes it as difficult as possible for a small business to operate.
Mabel March 16, 2012 at 05:30 PM
Why can't we find out what has really happened with Ace Hardware? They still have full inventory, which you can see when you look through the windows, the windows that still to this day don't even have a sign up about closing....temporarily or otherwise. That is just plain rude and inconsiderate of the 'management' and no way to encourage patronage at any ACE store. I for one went there many many times, hoping to redeem a couple of coupons and "Reward Points"..hmm thats some reward! They finally did have their phone disconnected, instead of the message that was on there for over 2 months saying that they were unable to take your call right now.....but just leave your phone number and they'll call back. Yeah, right....again..rude and inconsiderate......and a lie to boot!
Sam Mihailoff March 16, 2012 at 05:45 PM
my guess is that the inventory belongs to "ACE" and not the franchisee...legalities, etc. slow the removal of product. This is the way things go ...same thing occurred at the "Meat House"...doors locked, no immediate explanation. I suppose, if you make enough noise to the main “ACE” office...coupons may be transferred...How much time are you willing to spend on saving a buck?


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