You Are The Key Which Unlocks Your Child's Health!

The solution to leading your child through a healthy lifestyle!

The easiest and most beneficial way for you to help your child become healthier and fight off obesity along with other fast growing health problems such as type II
diabetes or even bodily injury due to too much stress on joints; starts with
you taking action on your own health! Your children already look to you for
almost every piece of advice concerning their lives and also mimic your habits
and everyday actions, sometimes without you even asking them to….  When they see their parental figure doing something a certain way, they automatically assume that is the way it is supposed to be done! If you eat unhealthily or have a habit of overeating and constantly do it in front of your child and then make excuses as to why it is ok that you did it; then you are automatically showing your child that it is ok to do that, when in reality it is not... The same goes for exercising; if you
constantly practice a sedentary lifestyle and complain that exercise is too
hard & also show that you are uncomfortable with your body image; your
child will follow along. 

Unless they take part in a sport in which their teammates or a coach can have a large impact on their thoughts concerning their health, you are the first person your child will look towards.  Even if your child does take part in sports but you are not practicing a healthy lifestyle at home, you can create confusion for your child and ultimately hold their performance back because they are not properly fueling their bodies for the activities they are participating in.

So what is the solution to leading your child through a healthy life?  The earlier you expose your child to a healthy lifestyle and preach the benefits of eating healthy & exercising, rather than the negative effects of doing the opposite; the easier it will be for them to grasp onto healthy habits. Children who have at least one parent who is obese are more likely to also become obese than children who have parents which are of a healthy weight and this is not just because of genetics, it is because of habit. Make it a point to always be a great role model for
your child; make healthy food choices and tell them about how great eating
healthy can make them feel; practice portion control so they will learn to do
the same; be conscious of the types of foods they are eating without stressing
them about the negative consequences of "junk food" and instead
preach the positive effects healthy food can have; exercise and show them its’
benefits and that you enjoy it - they will follow your lead and feel that
exercise should be a normal part of life and is something important - even find
a way to exercise together either by playing or taking a parent/child exercise
class. By being a great role model you will not only be more conscious of your
own health & most likely become healthier as well as happier, your child
will also be more conscious of their health and it will be easier for them to
grow up healthily!

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AA September 01, 2012 at 10:41 PM
Great Advice
Ashley Del Monte Anton September 01, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Thank you!!


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