Fighting Your Biggest Fear... THE GYM!

Tips on conquering the anxiety to exercise in public

     Everyday hundreds of people put their weight loss or fitness goals on the sidelines for the sole reason that they are afraid of going to the gym.  Too many people avoid the gym because they lack the confidence to workout in a public setting….  A major anxiety to exercise in front of other people is deeply embedded in the minds of many.  There is a non-stop worry about exercising in front of other people who they perceive to be in “better shape”, thinner, or are more experienced with exercise than they are.  Besides being uncomfortable with their weight, many people will not exercise because they don’t want to “look silly” trying to do it! Although starting something new in general can be intimidating, when it comes to your health along with a dream you have for yourself DON’T LET ANYTHING HOLD YOU BACK!
     Gyms only exist because everyone attending them wants to be healthier, look better, feel better, and in many cases lose weight; so don’t let being overweight stop you from walking through the door because everyone else in there is there for 99% of the same reasons you are! The fact of the matter is, no matter how “fit” you are sometimes people will stare at you while you exercise and truthfully it can be uncomfortable BUT, it shouldn’t hold you back from going in and doing what you need to do to reach your goals and improve your health.  Let
them stare; better yet, give them a good reason to!  Go in and work your hardest while they waste their time standing around and staring at everyone (or sometimes themselves in mirror), and after about 10 minutes, you will forget to care about what anyone else is thinking because you will be so focused on what you are doing, and proud of what you are accomplishing… There’s also a good chance that towards the end of your workout you will have the whole place staring… in admiration!!

     It doesn’t matter if you are overweight, out of shape, elderly, weak; whatever your “flaw” is your choice to exercise should be celebrated because you are taking control while thousands are choosing not to; you are setting a good example for someone else; and most importantly without even realizing it, you are not only learning your own inner/outer strengths, you are inspiring others around you to do the same just because you made the choice to show up! 

     Be proud of your choice to exercise because you are doing something great for yourself; not embarrassed because you don’t look like a supermodel or bodybuilder.  If you are worried because you don’t know where to begin, there are always ways to get help getting started!  Utilize a class, an expert personal trainer, or even a workout buddy to have some guidance during your training.  And, if you really feel like you need a little more time before setting foot in a crowded gym, start by training in your home whether on your own, by video, or with a trainer!

     Don’t hold yourself back from what you really want to accomplish… Ask yourself what matters more to you; fighting your fears and achieving your goal, or avoiding them and never feeling that sense of fulfillment?  Be proud to make the choice to change!

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