Danbury Shares Photos Of Grand Central

Grand Central Terminal is celebrating its 100th anniversary today and Patch readers are reflecting on commuting to and from the iconic terminal.

Happy 100th Birthday Grand Central Terminal.

That first blast of city air, the slama-jama New York City commuter hub is celebrating its 100th anniversary today. Patch readers are sharing their favorite photos of GCT to honor the historic building.

"The beauty of this Grand Centenarian are found in intricate details forged in another time, and open spaces that emphasize the timeless mood of New York's central station," Patch reader and photographer Miriam Danar said.

"Generations have walked these halls, complex emotions played out and untold thousands traveled these rails," she said. "Happy Birthday, Grand Central - we wish you another eventful century to come!"

Have a favorite snapshot to share? Add it to our gallery here.

Carrie Marie February 03, 2013 at 08:28 PM
In 1946 my mother returned to her family home in Vermont to give birth to my younger brother. When it was time for her to return to New Jersey, where we were living at the time, she packed her big suitcase and with three children aged 5, 3 and 2 and her new-born infant she boarded the train for home. She had to change trains in New York to catch the one for New Jersey. When she got to Grand Central that early summer day the terminal was teeming with returning soldiers, other military personnel and families, so many people on the move. She was a tiny woman and was struggling to keep us all together and to manage the large suitcase, an infant and her own frailty after a difficult birth. She told us many years later that she was at a loss as to how to cross the sea of people with us in tow and catch the next train. Then a very tall African American man approached her and offered to help. He asked her which train she was looking for, hoisted me up on his shoulders, took the heavy suitcase and started off in the direction of the train platform. My mother followed with my three brothers. She was a short woman and was able to follow him by watching my bobbing head above the hustling crowd. He got all of us safely to the train and then hastened off. She (and we) never forgot him though we did not know who he was.


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