Danbury Counselor Called Out for Impersonating Military Officer

Local man is accused of misrepresenting himself as a U.S. Army officer.

Gregory Banks. Photo Credit: user Master Sergeant
Gregory Banks. Photo Credit: user Master Sergeant
A post on Danbury Patch has readers engaged in discussion about military impersonation and the law.

The post by user Master Sergeant, uploaded on Feb. 7, purports to out Brookfield resident and Danbury counselor Gregory Charles Banks as having never served in the military despite his claims to be an officer in the U.S. Army.

Master Sergeant also provided several links in the comments to watchdog websites that research military records and expose fraudulent claims, including one for This Ain’t Hell, which helped uncover the alleged fraud.

This Ain't Hell's post on Banks includes a letter from the federal National Personnel Records Center in which the agency states that they were unable to verify Banks' military service through "extensive searches of every records source and alternative records source at this Center."

News-Times reporter John Pirro spoke with two men looking into Banks’ background: This Ain’t Hell blogger and retired naval officer Terence Hoey and Ken Baylor, a member of the Danbury Masonic Lodge, to which Banks formerly belonged.

Read more of the News-Times’ investigation into this allegation on their website.

See the original post and comment thread here on Danbury Patch.


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