Buy a New Year's Lottery Ticket? Check Your Coat Pockets

Did you buy the winning ticket for the Jan. 1 Super Draw lottery? The winning number is 198104 -- sold in Fairfield County.

Apparently, this is what the ticket looks like. The winner is Number 198104.
Apparently, this is what the ticket looks like. The winner is Number 198104.
Check your coat pockets. Look through your wallet or purse. Open up that console in the car.

Someone who bought a New Year's Super Draw Lottery ticket in Fairfield County is a $1 million winner, the Connecticut Lottery says. Is it you?

"The CT Lottery is still waiting for the $1,000,000 TOP PRIZE winning ticket holder to step forward and claim their prize for the New Year’s $1,000,000 Super Draw drawing held on Jan. 1," the lottery authority said in a news release sent Friday. "The unclaimed winning ticket number – 198104 -- was sold in Fairfield County."

The news release quotes CT Lottery President and CEO Anne Noble saying: “The winner may be simply unaware that they are in possession of the $1,000,000 winning ticket, which is why we are actively encouraging all players to check their tickets carefully. It is also very important that winners sign their tickets immediately in order to establish ownership.”

Like all Connecticut lottery tickets, the prize expires 180 days after the drawing, so you have until June 30, according to officials.

"The $1,000,000 top prize must be claimed by presenting a winning ticket at CT Lottery headquarters, 777 Brook Street, Rocky Hill."

Did you put it on top of the dresser? Is it in a bag you brought home from the store? Check your wallet again. Do it now, before you forget.


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