Local Civil Air Patrol Squadron Delivers Training

Major Jim Vigar teaching cadets how to use a signal mirror. (Photo: Capt. Peter Milano)
Major Jim Vigar teaching cadets how to use a signal mirror. (Photo: Capt. Peter Milano)
By Captain Peter Milano, Public Affairs Officer, 399th Danbury Composite Squadron, Connecticut Wing

DANBURY, CT (2 November 2013) – Thirty four Civil Air Patrol members from Western Connecticut Group participated in another day of intensive training provided by the 399th Danbury Composite Squadron.

Training took place at Danbury Municipal Airport and focused on familiarization and preparation skills, and advance requirements for Flight Line Marshall, Ground Team Member and Urban Direction Finding. Officers also trained in aircrew positions and cadets went on orientation flights. Challenging exercises included searching for a distress beacon by ground team members, directing aircraft as a flight line marshal, and damage assessment conducted by aircrews.

Major Jim Vigar, Commander of the 399th, told participants to “be prepared for a full day of training and always keep safety in mind.” He emphasized the importance of being alert for aircraft and other possible hazards when on the flight line. Since much of the hands-on training took place near aircraft, participants were required to remain watchful at all times. Lt. Colonel Sandy Sanderson, 399th Safety Officer, observed operations throughout the day to ensure each event was supervised and the well-being of all participants safeguarded.

Cadets also had the adventure of orientation flights with Captain Johnny Burke, pilot with the 399th Danbury Composite Squadron. 801st New Fairfield Cadet Second Lieutenant Jake Stoffel, one of the first cadets in the air said, “I love flying and although this wasn’t my first flight it was just as exciting. It was an excellent flight.” His comments reflect the sentiments of each cadet who participated in a flight.

The objective of the training by this all volunteer force is to raise the number of qualified Civil Air Patrol members who are mission ready when called upon to serve the Greater Danbury Area, Connecticut, and the Nation.


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