High-Tech Gym Opens New Concept Workout

Forget that boring workout. Climb higher at TechXercise in Danbury.
Forget that boring workout. Climb higher at TechXercise in Danbury.

TechXercise, a new, radically different, next generation concept fitness center, offering an electronic, high-tech, exciting shout-out that buries boring gyms, hosts its grand opening Open House from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at 22 Eagle Road, Danbury.

The facility utilizes numerous video-styled and electronic games including a motorized climbing wall called “Skywall Mountain Ascent,” a lighted floor that keeps people hopping called “Lightspace Action Floor,” the “Viper Rope Climb” and the “Trazer Virtual Reality Experience.” The Makoto Combat Arena gives people a fighting chance in a martial arts-style environment.

Wear shorts and sneakers to take these games (exercises) for a spin during Saturday’s TechXercise open house.

"I got the idea nearly 20 years ago while watching a young teenager at a video arcade conquer the highest level of a new video game called 'Dance Dance Revolution,’” said Dr. Trowbridge, a Danbury physician and exercise physiologist who trained at New York Medical College and Columbia  University. Trowbridge recalls chatting with the youngster, who was wet with sweat and breathing heavily, yet he mustered a big, satisfied smile and was ready for another go at it.

TechXercise is a circuit training center with 13 exercise games where people enjoy fun and excitement while working out. No weights here. If you start peddling the bicycle, you’re racing a car on the video screen in front of you.

"What I eventually realized was we could take this whole sedentary video-gaming experience that has contributed to declining physical fitness, flip it upside down and use it to promote health,” Trowbridge said. "The vast majority of disease is occurring because we are not taking charge of the things we can control in our lives, exercise and nutrition.

Dr. Trowbridge spent a good part of his career studying the impact of exercise on the body and he noticed that one of the largest obstacles for people wanting to sustain exercise is that much of it is utterly boring. Who wants to exercise if it's boring?

For more information about TechXercise, check out its website at TechXerciseCT.com, or call 203-778-6747.

Nate Lobb May 23, 2014 at 04:41 PM
This is awesome. Love the idea and Had similar ideas myself.


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