Helping the Association of Religious Communities

Two clients at ARC's Comida
Two clients at ARC's Comida
My co-author, Maggie McSpedon, and I are donating all the royalties from our book, "The Vine and the Branches: How to Spiritually Connect in a Challenging World," to charity. This month (May), we are donating to the Association of Religious Communities (ARC) here in Danbury. I visited ARC's Comida program this week and was impressed by the dedication of its volunteers and the superb outreach it does. All royalties from our book signing and talk on May 10, 11am to 3pm at Morning Star bookstore at 72 Newtown Rd, Danbury, will go to ARC. Read more at http://www.vitispress.com/2014/05/03/helping-the-association-of-religious-communities-in-danbury-ct/


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