For Immediate Release: UCONN Professor Tom Dulack's "The Misanthropes" Now Available on Amazon

UCONN Professor Tom Dulack's "The Misanthropes" Now Available on Amazon
UCONN Professor Tom Dulack's "The Misanthropes" Now Available on Amazon

From Tom Dulack, award winning playwright, director and UConn professor of English, comes

an experiment in fictional narrative.  Available on Amazon and as a Kindle Book, The Misanthropes, is a mixed genre work that Dulack calls a “novel-as-screenplay” which synthesizes salient features of stage plays, novels and screenplays to provide readers with an exhilarating new way to experience fiction.


When an imaginative classroom dramatization of Pope’s “The Rape of the Lock” leads to a student lodging a complaint against him, non-conformist New York English professor Tom Bowman abruptly quits his tenured university position, leaves his wife, and embarks on a romantic odyssey of self-reinvention that takes him deeply into the life and struggles of a small theatre company on the lower east side of New York.


Dulack writes with passion, humor and nostalgia about the Greenwich Village of the early 1970s and with an unmistakable authority and love of the theatre that reflect his nearly 40 years as a theatre professional at every level from university plays to Broadway, from regional theatres

To Off Off Broadway black boxes, from staging operas and ballets to writing scripts for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra since 2005 and directing their famous Young People’s Concerts.


His play Incommunicado won a Kennedy Center Award for New American Plays, and Friends Like These won the Kaufman and Hart Prize for New American Comedy.  His Italian gangster comedy Breaking Legs was a long running hit at New York’s Beacon Theatre years before anyone ever heard of The Sopranos, and has been a comic staple in regional theatres around the country for 20 years. Among his other work for the theatre are Solomon’s Child, Francis, Just Deserts, Diminished Capacity, Shooting Craps, 1348, The Elephant and Mrs. Rossetti and The Road to Damascus.


Tom Dulack is also the author of three previous novels, including The Stigmata of Dr. Constantine, and the theatre memoir In Love With Shakespeare. He teaches Shakespeare at The University of Connecticut and is married to Belgian art historian Veronique Sintobin.

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